The Oaks blend their Americana-tinged original songs with an extensive list of lively old time fiddle tunes, bluegrass/country/folk favorites – along with foot stomping string band arrangements of popular covers (anything from U2 to CCR to Motown – or other impromptu crowd requests!).

The Fiddle Oaks play farmers markets, private parties, bars, festivals, fundraisers, weddings, and other interesting venues. 

Some of our musicians:

Ally Gontang-Highfield (guitar, ukulele, vocals)

Craig Highfield (mandolin, fiddle, vocals)

Bart Merrick (bass, guitar)

Shannon Sprague (vocals, uke)

Jake Shaner (bass)

Gary Walton (banjo)

Phillip Mcknight (vocals, banjo, uke)

Nevin Dawson (viola)

(also Chris Highfield on banjo and Pres Harding on guitar below...)